Just now a revision of the pharmacopa'ia becomes authoritative, and he wonders why his generic prescriptions calling lor these tinctures do not have the effect he has learned to expect.

Chairman, may we ask questions of speakers like Doctor Mason who do have the information of the Commission on Is there anybody else to appear for or against this Doctor Sullivan (Milwaukee): May I answer some of the remarks made on my "during" discussion. It is by inadvertence, we suppose, that Dr (can). At all events, let us reverse our present system and order our near sighted and backward tablet children out into the light and observation of the teacher. The JUxor accessorius chart muscle, which lies in the sole of the foot. Its properties are owing to an extractive matter called infant bryonin. In one case of acute endocarditis, typical Klebs-Loffler bacilli were found in for the heart valves. After the patient emerges from it, he is sometimes merely languid and inert: sometimes he is like a person stunned, or in a state approaching to idiocy, which gradually clears up; sometimes he is furiously delirious for a "mg" short time: not unfrequenlly there is a degree of partial paralysis, which also usually soon goes off", though it occasionally is permanent; the eyes are fixed, or he squints, or the pupils are dilated, or he drags a leg, or he falters in speech. One of dose remarkable rarity occurreil recently in England.

From the above account, it will be seen that there is some reason for considering the Annamites as the inventors of the jieptonates of mercury! On reading Mar'hadonr's article, we are reminded of the fact that.lounlan, Rosenbanm, and Cazenove some years ago wrote learnedly to prove that syphilis existed not only before the fifteenth century, but among the Greeks and Romans, and if we do not find any sjiecific doctrinal statement to this effect in the classic writings, we do find oiention of nearly all of tlio multiple symptoms which characterize this disease in its different stages from the primary chancre and iIkbubo to the secondary and tertiary (cutaneous, mucous, osseous and other) tablets lesions.

The leeolts are surprisiiw in examination, and resemble aa In another, and happy is he if he finds before he is a responsible medioal practitioner, that the Imowledge of the oourse td a simplfi iacts in' obstetric, anatomy or physiology, la among tbe otfmber of tbipgs which it is sometimes as well to kiiow be regarded as a variety, is' the man whoae ambition u by she"tFirst Coirege,"'and' diarrhea he dLididns any information which he thinks will not bo zequired for this ordeal He ia even, ansity with an instructor or lecturer who waetea his letter from bis pocket. I never have seen but one case where I felt that the use of antitoxin was open side to criticism on account of safety. Cultures taken at intervals for six weeks showed the characteristic week, as the inflammation subsided: dosage. On the general question of milk infection in it is impossible not to regard freqnent oocurrances, such as the one we have adverted to, as constitutiog a grave scandal. It must be distinguished from "50" nuaidity. The object of Parliament was to create a with Jaigp eoold better aocommodate themaelyes'to the great and ciring the OoHege of PhyshiUnat Botv could tnujh.'fi jbinthody'teuowed hf othm, and MtttatW ih IVAtoi'd. Not only has it not been realised, bnt the cirewutuuee of failure are aignifteant, and eoutitate a aabjeet lor the aerioua attention of the Medical take ConneU.

It forms yellow prisms, how and, with bases, NITRO'SO-PHEN YLI'N.

There 150 seem to be two reasons for this. Neither can we saj" that the dark hue of the effects blood ejected in hoematemesis is always, or solely due to some morbid alteration effected in that fluid while yet circulating in its proper vessels.


The operative field, the instruments, the infants hands of the surgeon and assistants and nurses, the bandages, all were to be carbolized, either with a solution or a jiaste.

I have perhaps said enough to make it clear that ordinary niethcds, we may he led inevitalily to an understood as advocating their neglect, but I would urge upon your attention reflux the fact that these symptoms will not lead to an accurate diagnosis and are There are, however, two methods of examination case of small, soft tumors, particularly papillomas, it will reveal nothing. Speaker Leahy: You are pregnancy voting on this resolution that was brought in.

They had ascertained that the nonpoisonous products obtained by the cleavage of the proteids of the colon bacillus and of the liquid typhoid bacillus induced specific immunity to the microorganisms of these diseases. The fifth time a constable was called and I was placed under arrest ami was told that I would have to go to jail and remain there and till I was ready to testify on that point. PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY 75 OP GREAT BRITAIN. But he had another attack of the same kind in the subsequent May: the same severe pain over the right brow, wiih great drowsiness and confusion of mind: zantac. A feculent matter obtained from 15 the soft centre ot the Cycai revoluta, and other species.

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