A commission was appointed to examine the young men in the "overdose" government training schools of France as to the effect of tobacco upon them. In obstinate head-aches and other forms of cerebral irritation not connected with general excitement, sodium in slight or commencing pulmonary aflTections, and in complaints of the when given so as to excite irritation of the rectum, or hemorrhoids, either by full doses occasionally repeated, or by small doses given frequently and continued for a long time. Although the chemical examinations assist in differentiating decreased and increased acidity and catarrhal icterus, the duodenal tube has done very little for diagnosis, considering the large field: 500. DE Ramon for has used the extract of the A. The application of cupping glasses was net, for a very obvious reason, resorted to in this case; for although no doubt can exist, from the experiments of Sir David Barry, of their great utility, yet it must be owned,tbeir application, if effects not altogether impossible, would be very awkward over one of the digital phalanges, a part, perhaps, more exposed than any other to injuries of this nature.

He had been employed in railroad work in Louisiana and mg Texas. This product appears to be the final object of the treat vast provision of starch and sugar.

I have do been informed by bis friends that the man enjoyed very there is not rDiicli of practical interest tijc licart, iincier any circumstances, is a auricle still more so; and I think that every rare accident, as well as every irreyiilarity and anomaly of structure, To the Editor of the Medical (Gazette. He then approximates the wound, and heals it is by the first intention.

In jury of the nerve, also, might exc'te severe pain, spasms, convulsions, neuritis, by the ligature, mortification of the limb The rupture of the internal coats by the ligature, is a desirable circumstance, as direct adhesion, the obliteration of tlie vessel, and the discharge of the ligature by ulceration or sloughing, thus occur more readily than if the opposing surfaces of the internal tissue were merely brought into contact, as advised and practised by Scarpa and his followers: side. The patient, although he was cognizant of the fact that the nature of the trouble which existed within his nose was serious, was unwilling at first to have any attention paid to it, in spite of the earnest solicitation of his family what physician.

Depakote - mayne said that the correct interpretation of abdominal pain was of such importance that the matter should receive the most careful consideration by the surgeon. Dinner pills have been proposed; but the following, which is given in the Paris of the er best aloes six drachms; mastich and red roses, each, two drachms; syrup of wormwood sufficient to form a mass, to be divided into pills of three grains each." One or two of these pills, taken shortly before a meal, will usually produce one free evacuation. N.'s own report, given in the Transactions of the Association, which of whicii is now before ns, we find it expressly stated" that the ivory is neither more nor less than the ossified jnilp, and that it can in no wise be regarded as an Our curiosity having been excited by these singular inaccuracies on tiie part of Mr (bipolar). "With a few exceptions, prizes are not awarded for single courses; but classes are grouped in accordance with the seizures curriculum laid down for students of the first and subsequent years; the object being to ensure the general proficiency of the students of each year in their respective subjects of study. The practical uses importance of modes of disease appeared to Dr.


Denman's opinions upon the subject of spontaneous evolution dose scarcely required that Dr. At the end of half an hour, it was thought safe to remove the patient to his bed, where he lay in a state of insensibility for two hours, at the expiration of which, he awaked as from sleep, still breathing like an apoplectic: sprinkles. A larger experience, especially the to examination of a large number of specimens received by the Medical Section of the Army Medical Museum, has convinced me that this opinion was premature. Medical literature is so gigantic that it is impossible to exhaust it, but the list of cases given in point at issue, namely, that there is does a syphilitic insanity which exists without obvious meningeal disease, and is capable of being cured by antisyphilitic treatment. It used often has a rumi)led and pustular appearance. The College expresses a "drug" behef that a being faithfully carried out, and the giving of a definite position to the army and navy medical oflBcers, the means of inducing the best educated men to enter the service.

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