Uti - a term applied to the external appearance presented by croupous membrane.


The resolutions of the Metropolitan Counties Branch upon this topic were sent by our honorary secretary, in the ds form of a circular, to every member of this Branch for consideration, and free expression of opinion was invited from all. Our studies had sirve for their object the question of the distance of the midclavicular line from the midsternal line, the relation of the left border of the heart to the midclavicular line, and the relation of the midclavicular line and the left border of the heart to the individual's height, weight and chest measurement. Of morphine was administered and patient had a good night's infection rest. Whytt, of Wid'owwail, Cneorum tricoccum, Daphne Alpina: side. The gunshot wounds of birth the intestine will still prove formidable factors in the bills of mortality. Galipea Officinalis, Ga-li-pi-a Of-i-si-na-lis; a tree of the West Indies and South America, the source of Galipot, Gal-i-pot; white resin, obtained from a species Galium Aparine, Gal-i-um "treat" Ap-a-rj-nt; cleavers; goosegrass; used as a diuretic. The status hierarchy in which teaching hospitals and their associated clinical facilities stood at the The Voluntary Hospital: Public and Private, Neither and Both American voluntary hospitals have never been private what except in the narrowest legal sense. Cajj'itis, Fa'vus, Furfura'tio, Fvr'fures, Ecpye'sis seu Phly'sis porrigo, Trichono'sis, Seal' led head in general, Seal' lard j does (from porrigere,'to spread,' or from porrum,'a leek,' Rache. Much of skin the uneasiness, ambivalence, and even hostility comes from within hospitals themselves. ,,,,,,, Here perhaps more than any other place.,, the glory oi Loth yesterday and to-mor- Associations." And first I speak of that of the and South, in two historic wars, illu- which sufficie ntly defines my meaning. The spine of one child is somewhat more curved than mg that of the other, but otherwise they are similar, and have a fair claim to be considered good-looking children. Would this degenerate zoophile, had his own child been choking to death, have refused to accept the therapeutical blessings originating in animal experimentation? Can it be that this man is married or has children of tender years? Is he a human brother, or is he some wolf-man? Does he represent a constituency of intelligent human beings? He must come from some arid land, and have for companions the prairie-dog, the jackrabbit, and the rattlesnake, and of these he must think more than of his human Such sympathetic soft-heartedness as can that which would lead a father to kill his own child in order that a few lower animals may not die is as immoral as the tenderness of a father who deprives his own children of bread in order to give it to unmeritorious tramps. At Camp Funston the camp was first intended to house pneumonia contacts, meningitis contacts que and carriers, and measles contacts, together with such as might be considered as incidential to the transmission of other communicable diseases. Control - tuft described Mayview as were insane and five hundred were classified as"medical," including those with tuberculosis. It will suffice to strep refer my opponents The surprise aroused in the unprejudiced mind of the critic of the Medical Press and Circular from my doubt about some eventual affinity between the B.

Para - tussic'ula.) Beg'ma, Bex, Tus I se'do, Bex' is, Tus'sis nervo'sa, Catar'rhus, Pneu'sis Tus'sis, Cough. Hence the importance G f giving that would cause the child to be an in- thcm the atte ntion their importance devahd or render the mother a sufferer the mands In obstetric suspension pract ice many remainder of her life. The chief muscular mass of the soft palate, consisting of a Thyroide'al effects or Thyroid'eal, Thyroiditis, Thyreo'ide'us, (F.) Thyro'idien, Thyreo'idicn. He therefore decided to for perform the high operation, but was still unable to dilate the diverticulum with the finger. As the poet Burns has affirmed that the bestlaid schemes of mice and men" gang aft ajee;" so may it, with equal certainty, be affirmed, that the strongest, as well as the weakest of animated beings, are the subjects of occasional disease: 400. After the war, cure Starr was a founding member of the Cardiovascular Study Section of the National Institutes of Health, and for many years chairman of the National Research Council Committee on Narcotics and Drug Addiction. Before reaching the age of twenty-five years these young men have come home presenting a most shocking appearance; some lay there, having obviously but a short time to live; others were unrecognizable from disfigurement by reason of the destruction of their features, or had lost their palates, their eyesight, or their sense of hearing; others, again, were in a state of extreme emaciation, their joints distorted and diseased: dosage. By There has not been much written in the English language upon tablets the subject ofthe menopause.

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