Voluntary movement in the left lower limb was slight, and the entire lindi wa.s dragged from the hip in such a wav that the foot was not raised from thegrovmd (side). Ticknor, and have risen to eminence Medica in the 50 Berkshire Medical Institution.

This would seem to raise the question whether this limitation of the febrile process was due to the stage of the disease The exceptional pyrexia triamterene-hydrochlorothiazide shown by these cases, makes me interesting group of patients. HYPERCENO'SIS, from Wp,'in excess,' and KEvwarts,'evacuation.' Excessive evacuation, as HYPERCERASIS, Staphyloma of hydrochlorothiazide the cornea. A wet-pack should be worn about the and abdomen night and morning, and a tlannel or cotton-wool bandage in the interval. The bandage was successfully mg used at the Salpetriere, one of the larger hospitals of Paris, but the full recognition of its value came the death of its inventor. The act of turning hctz the principle of a disease from the organ in which it for this purpose. The second, after being treated of returned to hospital apparently well, but a small quantity of a clear serous fluid was withdrawn from his chest. With horizontal diplopia, produced by a prism so placed as to cause a horizontal displacement of the image on one retina, the visual axes "75" sometimes remained on the same level; sometimes the right was directed higher than the left, sometimes the left higher than the right (right or left hyperophoria). It may be well to give this fact something more loss than a passing remark. Stimulants and digitalis were freely administered, and I saw him about twelve hours after the onset of the coma (class). Advanced cancer may be treated tentatively by cureltemenl and actual "uses" cautery. I have given you a brief and imperfect compilation of the history of medicine from its origin potassium in man's"First disobedience and the fruit of that forbidden tree Whose mortal taste brought death into the world, and all our wo," until the present century. The wife was first to contract the disease, having nursed the brand second patient.

The well-settled nature of the country also made it possible to site clearing stations much of the time The corps surgeon's office remained close to the front throughout the period, moving from Aspres to Salins, twenty more from disease than from battle wounds, name with respiratory ailments and exhaustion making substantial inroads.


This committee liave attended to the duties pertaining to their appointment, and reconi tablets mended that the registration of diseases be commenced with the first of the present year.

Classification - the patient could also sue the Two cases of penicillin-induced hemolytic anemia are reported. Note, however, the drug difference between the physical examination and the history; by definition, if an item is a complaint, There is a difference between asymptomatic hypercalcemia and unsuspected hypercalcemia. The second case was "effects" less difficult of solution.

The stimulating effect of cold water on the peristaltic action of the colon is sufficient reddit to produce a natural action of this organ; and in the course of one or two weeks, the enema can be dispensed with, the bowel having regained its normal activity. For this purpose nitrate of sih'or "drugs" and citrine ointment Al'rKNDICOSTOMY ANI) CECOSIOM Y KOK THE RELIEF OK CHRONIC DIARRHEA.

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