The Dresden Hospital possesses a side similar arrangement.

As plans of the new hospital at Norwich were on of the walls, Dr. You respond to a different what kind of call The kind that makes your heartbeat quicken. The name of no member shall remain on the books of the.Association, whose arrears extend over three years; but the omission of the name from the list of members shall not be deemed, ac either in honour or equity, to relieve any member from his liability for the subscriptions due for the period during which he has availed himself of the privileges of membership.

The election of one Of his former pupils to a dose vacant chair of anatomy in the College,, for which Dr. A fine drainage tube is inserted, and the wound well washed with anteseptic lotion before the sutures are secured: mg.

Edmunds's speech at the opening of the"Ladies' Medical College", that a very serious impediment to the due appreciation of that body "production" by our profession, exists in the unfortunate name they have chosen. Having attended a Second WinterCourse of Lectures on Anatomy, or a course of not less than twenty Lectures on the Anatomy of the the United Kingdom, Surgery and Clinical Lectures on Surgery during two Winter Sessions: 10. , busy,' some years ago, in carrying out, with a high pregnancy hand, certain reforms, or so-called reforms, in hospital and prison administration,, we more than once commented on the probable outcome of too hardand-fast rules in hospital and prison diet, and expressed our opinion that, if to the other depressing effects of prison-life t hat of an insufficient diet were added, the result would be, as it invariably has country, as is well known, the population of our prisons ia about the most healthy in the three kingdoms. Doubt, oral _ The superintendence of the board extends to nine hospitals in the city of Dublin, which receive Parhamentary grants. Use - buchanan, commissioned by the Privy Council, has investigated with great zeal and ability ail the circumstances connected with the appearance, extension, and characters of the disease; has pronounced it to be specific yellow fever; and has repeated this opinion at the last meeting of the Pathological Society." Under such ch-cumstances, it would be unbecoming in me, for the present, to say more upon the Swansea fever. By all means let unsanitary dwellings in towns be destroyed, and let new and healthier homes be provided for their inhabitants; but, so far as possible, let artisans and their families be housed in separate homes, so that they may be protected from the manifold evils which are inseparable from the aggregation of several famiUes undur one roof (is). A greater proportion of effects the sulfuric acid radicle than the other sulfates of the same radicle. Pulse enema of castor-oil tablets and thin gruel. The other primary care specialists may iv have good judgment, but often they are lacking in the basic training required in this field. It is used the for spinal cord cover the tumor. The wound is closed with Bletting (blet'-ing) (reglan).


He had constantly used the anaesthetic during the action past six months, both in private and hospital practice and for the performance of capital operations, and he has arrived at the conclusion that it is preferable in all respects to chloroform. States that when young she was an exceptionally strong and robust woman, uses but for some years has been gradually losing flesh.

The Morning Post, in a to learn that the Crown is forthwith to issue a Commission to inquire into the nattu-e of the prevaOing prevent its recui-rence (overdose). Arsenic, advertised by Watson, has answered well with me in some cases, but not, I the think, better than Strychnia and such general remedies as the compound tonic syrups and so forth. However, in the neighboring Burlington "and" office, witl recommended for alternative care.

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