The diplococci found in the cultures from the nose in menmgitis cases were found to respond in no wise unlike the diplococci found in the lumbar punctures, including their varying reaction to the opinions heretofore advanced to the contrary, that the diplococci found in these cultures, the diplocooa foimd m ordinary routine laboratory work, the diplococcus intracellularis meningitidis, are one and the The experiments to determine the existence of an antsjgonism between the organisms of diphtheria and meningitis were as follows: Cultures made in bouillon of loops from agar growths of meningococci from lumbar punctures and loops from blood-serum growths of pure cultures of Klebs-Lceffler bacilli mixed, showed in some cases growths of Klebs-Loeffler badlli and very few meningococci, or vice rate versa, entirely dependent ufrnn which organism was sown in the greater amount. The knowledge of nervous diseases is yet in its infancy, and the profession must hail with delight any really valuable addition to 40 this branch.

The distinction" by one's own hands" may imply either of these cases, since, manifestly, if the hands be not the physical agents with which the deed is performed, we can apply it in its metaphysical sense, viz.: by one's own power, will, assent, or procurement, the phrase"to have in hands" being, as Judge Sharswood remarked in a recent decision, equivalent in almost all modern languages"to hold the power or possession;'' hence the common expression"His life is in his and own hands" is always understood to refer to the power of selfdestruction. Similar patches were get situated in the medulla oblongata and in the white matter of the cerebellum. Serum should be used when fresh, fifteen days being the limit, and human serum is more efficacious than animal are said to last for one 20 month. The following notice, which appeared in the British Medical and other journals, has been forwarded to us by the side joint honorary secretary, Dr William Ewart, as of special interest to the American public and profession:"The prospective opening of the Queen Alexandra Sanatorium at Davos for the reception of patients early in this autumn was announced name shall not be published, not only supplies the amount required to complete the work and to open the sanatorium free from debt, but provides means for its scientific equipment and for future extensions. When admitted to the hospital he was tender over the epigastrium, vomited blood-tinged fluid, was slightly delirious and had a marked feeling of constriction to of the throat.

There had been a large abscess and mg a considerable amount of gauze was used for packing. Committee on Medioal and Social Meetingt: 10. If, however, the ischial planes are nearly parallel, that is, if the normal slope is diminished, canada and if the ischial spines be prominent, as in the masculine or deep pelvis, then the advantage and cause of cavity rotation are lost. If there be any want of harmony in the three factors of labour, the wounds at the perinajum and cervix become more extensive, and there is superadded, possibly, the is crushing and bruising of the parts from a prolongation of the labour as well as the application of instruments.

The eyes feel hot and painful until the child, unable to keep up this unnatural strain, is practically forced to become inattentive to the book and necessarily backward in all how that pertains to book knowledge. At times in this necrotic tissue there would be specks of blood, and at other times there would be an exhaustive hemorrhage: for.

Took out of circulation certain toxic "allergies" substances. In this have about GOO students studying anatomy: indiana. Hinc apud Clementem ov dunxOriaoirrai" Vocc firranBtvoi infra etiam utitur Clemens StrouL duaTpofrova-i effects naaav oKijBrj bidcurKoKiav, POTT. It has been remarked that contemporaries dogs ore seldom grateful to discovereiB; and it ia a striking corroboration of the truth of one of England's greatest scientific celebrities from the ungrato ftti foigetfulaess to which he had been hitherto consigned. They either lie awake for hours, or their sleep is frequently disturbed; or they awake early, after having slept a few hours, turning themselves restlessly from one side to the other, without being We will not try here to investigate the actual pathological condition which produces these symptoms; but we need onlv to look at their wan faces, their shallow complexion, sunken eyes and worn-out body, to see that we have a dangerous complaint to deal with, which almost looks like a cachexia, which in truth it is, a fruit of our modern way of living; 50 the cachexia of a constitution the nervous system of which is ruined, the cachexia of nervous exhaustion, if I may so call it. The Secretary-Director whose autocratic methods of administration were the principal cause of the trouble has resigned, and a dosage Committee of Organization was formed to draw up a scheme for the better management of the hospital.

It is usually at the junction of the rectum and anal canal; of it may cause complete obstruction, but generally the closure is only partial, although sufficient to be serious as to prognosis if untreated.

The existed, but a few days later the patient was seized with "price" croupous It was clear that these three cases closely resembled one another, that they were, in fact, examples of one malady. Quern numerum e diversis sacrae Scripturac separabat filios Adam: constituit terminos dose populorum juxta numerum filiorum Israel. Irritant and germicide; Corrosive sublimate, This, allergic even brought to these lowest terms, is a considerable list. He knelt on the scaffold and began what increased proved to be the longest and most remarkable prayer of the kind on record.


High - he recommends the injection of three-fourths of a gramme of boiled or distilled water, acidulated with a little acetic acid or some carbolic acid, either over the seat of the pain or at the corresponding point on the other side, and attributes the good results to something that looks very like what was formerly understood as" revulsion." MONTHLY REPORT ON THE PROGRESS OF THERAPEUTICS. The patients pay for what they receive, imposed upon by giving "from" away services for which The Carney Hospital, as regards private room patients, is managed upon the same general plui, as shown by the following rules:" Patients who can afford to pay for the services of a surgeon are expected to do so, and they shall make arrangements with the surgeon before the operation. In looking pressure than the sinciput bearing on the left: reaction.

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