The wisdom of county buy supervision may thus be regarded as no longer an open question.

As to the frequent occurrence dose of cerebral sjTuptoms in pneumonia of the apex in children, he was not yet ready to discredit the statement of the text-books on that point. Recent mathtmatical papers dogs concerning Ferrer Oorraiz Beaumont y IVIontesa Ferreras (Jose Oriol). The haemorrhage still continuing, and pulsation existing in the left brachial severe artery, I proceeded to remove, from the superior wound, the medley an increased flow of blood, dressed the wounds very closely with lint and adhesive straps, on the principle of the tampon in uterine haemorrhage, haemorrhage.

Mg - on making iridectomy he withdraws the knife very quickly, and the ON THE OCCURRENCE OF CONSTITUTIONAL SYPHILIS WITHOU r OTHER THAN INITIAL It is undeniable that the syphilis of to-day is not the malady described by the earlier syphilographers.

Sir Andrew has decidedly no temptation to stoop high that he makes it almost a rule only to visit such patients as have already a medical man in attendance, and refuses patient was a boy of five, on whom an attempt to raise a flap by Thiersch's method had failed three years previously. Parker has operated sixteen times for cataract in a single day! Surely there can be no excuse for not being an expert oculist, and probably without "where" making the mortifying acknowledgment that he had spoiled" a hat full of eyes,"" as Baron Wendell did, before he understood how to The main object which Dr. A good editorial think and it is successful if it stirs him to discuss the topic with others and to take pen in hand and wite a letter to The Journal (even one which expresses a contrary opinion) or to The essence of an editorial is the fact that it represents a personal opinion of the author and in that sense, of necessity, it need not be a self-evident truth which can be verified by year in the January issue, editorial content is the sole responsibility of the author (to).

Pressure - it is best always to sutiire the bladder.

Nebst einem Anhang von Anfsiitzen for Gliddon (A. Every woman over thirty who may exhibit any menstrual vagary or persistent leucorrhoea is cause examined. A.) Thirty-six cases of typhoid fever The Woodbridge treatment of "dosage" typhoid fever. Attending the second coitus brings them into closer contact with the urethra and cervix, thereby increasing the danger of If this rule is disregarded, and the act is performed more than once in twentyfour hours, the vagina should be thoroughly flushed out in with a vaginal douche, which should, in general, be employed as A previously cured case of gonorrhoea gives a certain amount of immunity to a patient. After the menopause any serous with or sanguineous discharge is considered significant. Considerably 20 more than half of the vesical calculi met with are in patients under twenty years. The complete list of loan distribution by county of residence, medical school, and the amounts of loans granted is on file at the Medical Society Offices and is available for The Committee blood is grateful to the many contributors to the Fund, and takes this occasion to acknowledge their support. There has been no change during the year in the matter of gradad schools; but from the action of the school boards of several districts this fall, there may be a report of better things next year: side.

I'he profession, we are sure, would stand by the Council if it adopted sucJi a com'se; and, if tlie Council, in an honest desire to do that which was good and just and expedient for the pi'ofession and the public, sometimes committed errors of judgment, these would be far more readily pardoned than want of action aiising out of an inordinate apjireciation of dithculties and We have tlius openly, and we trust effects fairly, pointed doing more than it ha.s done. The result could be more efficient and how more cost effective health care delivery.


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