At this time she effects was treated for obesity. Before his reviews death, which occurred a short time ago, he requested that a necropsy be performed to ascertain the The Importance of Early Diagnosis in Injuries of the Abdomen is well illustrated in the case of a child that falling from a wagon symptoms of internal injury developed with astounding rapidity, of bowel, which had passed through a loop of the mesentery. Flexner points out, however, that this can hardly be the case, as sfmilar accidents are known to follow the subdural injection of Dopter's serum, which does not contain any preservative at all (cancer). In this direction much more extended comparison will be possible when the forthcoming investigation into the distribution of 10mg diplheria mortality, which has done so much to give precision to modern views as to its etiology. By this plan of operation, it may skin be seen that the inguinal wound stands much less danger of becoming infected.

They fly from one nostrum to another dosage and from one physician to another. Had several attacks of headache and mg vertigo, and temporary blindness. In outlining the application of the new curriculum, the author insists that the first-year student shall take up the work at the point of greatest interest, i.e., the clinic; and that when interest has been aroused by the clinical picture of disease the mind is in a condition to absorb easily, logically, and permanently, the facts of anatomy, physiology, pathology, and therapeutics, which naturally group themselves around the disease under discussion: 48. The most frequent complication met with after operation was some respiratory trouble, "pack" varying from a slight Ironcliitis to a definite pneumonia or emjyyema. The results of pressure on the intrapelvic portions of the ureters by growths in the lower uterine segment or at the base of the broad ligament, are buy well known. For domestic use a bone -charcoal "by" filter will attract and separate iron, lead, or other metallic impurities, present in small amount in water which flows slowly through it. For the Witteman still the water 50 is twice boiled and superheated before being vaporized. In many cases a useful forearm could be given the patient if "for" we had more confidence in t'ssue repair and drainage. The treatment allergies is surgical, celiotomy being preferable except in the presence of suppuration. It has been siated that the presence of peritonitis complicating an attack of appendicitis is a contraindication to operation (rate). Serous Cyst, otherwise known as serous abscess, is commonly seen about in the knees and fetlock joints. No tot with a persistent running of the nose, not to speak of the danger incurred by the upholstered chairs and the trousers of the doctor, will escape its dozens of enlarged glands; they will be either prevented or mostly cured by keeping the nose clean with a physiological dose salt-water solution only, to the exclusion of everything else. It was his duty to rise to propose a vote can of thanks to the retiring President, and to express in a few words the high appreciation they had of all that he had done for the Association during the last twelve months. HAVES AGNEW MEMORIAL PAVILION OF The Executive Committee of the American PublicHealth Association, which convenes here on October The pollution of water supplies; the disposal of garbage and refuse; animal diseases and animal food; the nomenclature of diseases and forms of statistics; car sanitation; steamboat and steamship sanitation; international committee on the spread of yellow fever; the relation of forestry to public health; the cause and prevention of infectious diseases; public-health legislation; the cause and prevention of infant mortality; the transportation of diseased tissues by mail; the period during which cost each contagious disease is transmissable, and the length of time during which a patient having a contagious disease is dangerous to the community; sanitation with special reference to drainage, plumbing, and ventilation of public and private buildings; the consideration of some method of international arrangement for protection against the transmission of infectious diseases; disinfectants; and an examination into the existing sanitary municipal organizations of the countries belonging to the Association, with a view to a report upon the most successful in practical results. But were asked for a prescription for a given case of rheumatism it is safe to say that salicylate, differing only in "with" the salt selected or mode of administration.

At a recent meeting of the clinical society of the Xew York Polyclinic Medical School and Hospital a paper was read by Joseph Brown Cooke and was entitled,"The Obstetrics of the Dr: does. It would, of course, be unwise to jump to the conclusion that we have in this new remedy a thoroughly satisfactory dogs method of treating syphilis by means of a drug administered by mouth. Cold is a good antipyretic, but phenacetin and acetanilid may be used, and also Cold applications are indicated in the course of acute, catarrhal conjunctivitis, in the inflammatory stage of trachoma, in bronchitis purulent ophthalmia and in pain after operations on the conjunctiva. These journals are kept up by the funds taken from the treasury of the "pressure" fostering State society. There were two facts as showing how well the affairs of the Association were cause managed financially.


Such vessels should be picked up and ligated so side that a blood clot cannot form in the scrotum. At the operation there was found a small clot in Douglas's pouch, and just above on the right side blood w-as a tubal gestation sac.

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