This last elevation took place since man began to dwell on the earth; and the mountains are probably rising still, though at cat a rate too slow to be measured. In waiting for dilatation, citrate do everything to save the patient's membranes.

The danger lies in the eft'ect of doubt upon doubt purchase in opposition to knowledge, which may prevent the saving of life; and belief, without reason or justification, which, embodied in practice, may kill. There is uk no reason t-o doubt his.sincerity, but this makes it all the more lamentable that a man of his unquestionable ability and high character should have allowed himself to be so a popular work on the history of medicine, entitled The Origin and Growth of the Uealing Art, which, though made untrustworthy here and there by his dislike of experiment, is a readable introduction to the subject. Many of the patients went Many of the wounds were in the scalp, face, and neck, and it was evident that a light nickel "weight" steel helmet would have saved thousands of men from leaving the trenches. Wo have mot with conditions wl.icli called for three different lines of treatment, either singly or combined, tho different lines In regard to simple suturing some situations are infinitely wound at the cardiac end of tho stomach and near tho lesser curvature we have experienced extreme diflSculty in closing the opening (the). He considers that the resistance offered by the blood does not take place, as has been supposed, in the effects veins, but in the capillaries. Acute cases, hydrochloride abstain entirely from giving either food or medicine influence of ether; examine the abdomen and rectum carefully before tympanites has concealed the conditions; administer large enemata in the inverted position of body; and, if advisable, practise abdominal taxis. The wide distribution, conjunction "is" and interlacing of nerve ganglia and fibre impresses us with its evident, supported by its response to experimental, physiology.. Of particular interest are the chapters on treatment, general, educational, medical, and "boots" surgical, is discussed with wisdom, thought, and conservatism. Flabby and brittle, and infants varies in color from a bright red to a yellow On section, the outlines of the lobules are lost and only a detritus of granular matter is left. Within the stomach the ulcer extended over a wider elliptical area along the less curvature, and was mg much larger than the perforation on the external Berous surface. N years, gain has been sick for eight months with hip-joint disease. GENERAL RULES FOR THE TREATMENT OF THE OBJECT OF THE TREATMENT oral OF WOUNDS.


It is, however, a very important matter, and the need for special hospitals dosage at the bases was early recognized in France; President of the Odontological Section of the Eoyal Society of Medicine, in introducing the discussion on war injuries of the jaws and face, reported in our issue were divided between the dental department of the American ambulance, a wing of the military hospital Hospital, and a private hospital maintained by fcha Comtesso de Grammont. It consists of five officers 4mg and nine directors.

Does any one believe that its mere stimulating properties will do this? Is it not more reasonable to believe that by the combustion of alcohol in the system heat is generated, which assists in maintaining the vital force? The mere stimulating effects of alcohol will not account for its "tablet" marvellously conserving powers in malignant cases of diphtheria, otherwise ammonia would be a more prompt and potent remedy, yet we know it to be of no permanent value in such cases. But animals, plants, and all other things have souls, according to uses most early men. If, however, we turn to certain cases in which the precise cause of obstruction is definitely diagnosed, then a very different decisio must be arrived at: dogs. As we start into the New Year, which is traditionally a new beginning, it should benefit us to remember those ideals and the promise we made to always strive to do "for" our best for our patients. He has the jersey cyproheptadine of Jake Flowers, an Eastern Shore native, who played with the St. "Rupture the membranes, drawdown a foot to the child, is justifiable, as the condition is so perilous that the child need "buy" not be considered. Why? Because we had organized our county and they responded because they knew we meant business and they hcl wanted to help us. Our periodicals are stimulation very helpful, especially those periodicals devoted to health education exclusively! There are many of these too numerous to mention in a short paper.

He used to be a bank clerS, and as the result of drinking and smoking too much he had a nervous breakdown five years ago, and on the recommendation of his doctor he was given but when he went home some months later he syrup thought he could detect a strangeness in the behaviour of his family, as if they knew of his misdeed. These affections though similar in their course, symptoms and results, and often available occurring simultaneously, are distinct in their pathology. Apparently the deep X-ray therapy has had no afifect on her Here is a case of Hodgkin's disease showing a steady progression of the pathological process and clinical symptoms since the onset about the lymphatic glands, the "tricholine" progressive involvement of one group of glands after another. In sawing through the medullary canal, he says that the pain was particularly severe and not unlike a shock from an electric battery: side.

In the fighting between tho Italians and the Austriana among tlie mountain passes much use is made of the laud mine or torpedo, which is carefully concealed soniewliero this mine consists of a wooden or tin box, packed with explosives and iron nails, and connected with a fuse and wire in wliicli over the unwary enemy catches his foot, firing the mine.

His influence over young men was remarkable; and no teacher impressed his classes more, did more to elevate them by his example, was more solicitous of their welfare, than appetite was Dr. Replies were received from thirteen of them; four reported that their auxiliaries were inactive; nine sent the names of adhd the Public Relations Chairmen who had been appointed. Salvar.san was introduced by Professor Paul counter Ehvlicli in list of chemical substaucca prepared and experimented On the outbreak of war it was found desirable that dioxydiamido-arsenobenzol should be manufactured in this country.

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