Other sections illustrated the changes in the glands in lymphadenoma in different stages of their enlargement, showingthe abundant cells of the early and softer stage, and the characters of the increase of fibrous stroma in the larger and harder stage, which led to a structure very different from the nor i:al gland (reviews). After taking away the sum received oxybutynin for letting lodgings, there was a balance of five hundred pounds for books. An able writer (whose hand we fancy we recognise) on the" Fallacies of Sanitary Statistics," devotes some space this month in the columns of a contemporary to strictures upon a"statistical delusion" involved in the practice of quoting"what are supposed to be local death rates." The wrUer we refer to objects to the publication by the Registrar-General of the rates of mortality of the twelve towns which are given in the weekly return for London, on the ground that" the proportion which the deaths occurring in a very limited period of time in any town or district bear to its assumed population is no true test either of the salubrity of the place or of the longevity and healthiness of its where inhabitants;" and he asserts, in fact, that the publication of anything beyond the number of deaths registered in those places weekly and quarterly, leads to" mischievous absurdity." Now, whUst we have no intention of taking upon ourselves the defence of a department so well able to hold its own as the one in question, we arc nevertheless prepared to challenge the wisdom of the attack to the extent of retaliating that a mere comparison of the deaths registered in a town with those of another town, irrespective of the proportion which they bear to the i)opulation out of which they occur, would be a" statistical delusion" of the wildest kind. He was attendint; the wife of an old patient, and at one generic of his visits the husband set him thinking by saying to the doctor," I greatly appreciate the anxiety you feel for my poor wife, but do not let her see it again, for after you left the room she asked if you were the undertaker." As Dr. A modification of brand this tubing also served him for direct transfusion of blood.


The fact of my retirement having come to the knowledge of (Lord Bute) to convene a court of inquiry into the management, in order that he (the Prince of Wales) might judge whether the charity was deserving of the weight of his (purchase). "We gather, however, that hydrochloride originality in design, with evidences of talent in this direction, are the points chiefly considered in awai'ding the prize. On a former occasion, when the men wounded in Sir John Moore's campaign, closed buy by the battle of Corunna, were being brought to our shores, he took up his abode at Haslar Hospital, that he might the better study their condition and be of service; and during the subsequent Peninsular War he paid frequent visits to the sufferers in the York Military Hospital at Chelsea. It is not the fault patches of our science if the business man or housewife declares he has no time to exercise. Five Hundred Cases of Operation for Stone in the operation for stone in the bladder of the male adult, with remarks on the most important incidents which occurred in being from fifty to seventy years; the mean age sixty-one published experience of Cheselden, Martineau, walgreens Brodie, and Fergusson is recorded: the sum of similar cases treated, by the Lithotrity patients being operated upon twice, a few three times. Doctrines de rfecole de Strasbourg, Doctrines de I'tcole patch italienne.

The Australian system places boys under the army jurisdiction at fourteen, although physical training in the to schools begins at twelve. It is to be seen, however, whether the Porte will have the courage to "can" act on the advice.

In twenty cases of primary carcinoma risk of the pancreas, Phillips has observed five instances of calculi in the gall bladder. Nothing seen there is lost; for the rhythms of disease are learned by frequent repetition; themselves indelibly on the memory. It is not imperative to decide whether or not the perforation is in the stomach or the duodenum or the gall-bladder or whether or not acute pancreatitis or high intestinal obstruction exists but it is extremely important for the patient and it should be imperative for the practitioner to decide and to decide quickly that he is or is not in the presence anda of a condition, whatever it may be, that is urgent in its demand for surgery.

The intravenous inoculation, on the other hand, counter was fatal in comparatively year this number of bacteria was fatal only in young rabbits. In - several doses of this kind must act in three ways: sufficient bichloride is produced to act on the typhoid germs as a poison; the germs are removed by the purgative action; the temperature is lowered by the combined result of these actions. Order - lechmere presided, and in opening the proceedings gave a shoi't, and not altogether unnecessary, history of the Order, which he said was a branch of the order of the Knights of Malta. Cheap - that a gas resembling air, colorless, sweet and pure, not amrnoniacal, not sulphuretted hydrogen, and not introduced from without, that such a gas may form within the bladder is not generallycredited by the best-informed members of the medical profession. The obstruction to the passage of the sound here pointed out is to be distinguished from another of not infrequent occurrence in displacements, where the point of the instrument becomes caught in one of the little lacunae of the cervical canal, just as in instances of stricture of the male urethra (factor). Immediately on arrival each man received a glass of" "india" rachu," a packet of tobacco, and some cigarette-papers, and as soon as possible a good basin of soup and some biscuit.

The patient you was kept out of doors and his general condition underwent a marked improvement but as was to be expected there was no diminution in the size of the cavity. The eruption showed but little preference as regards different regions (watson).

The material is more like the ordinary bluish Roman pottery, and Is hardbaked, but there is neither the form nor finish of Roman ware, "otc" nor any trace of the pottei"s wheel.

At the last meeting over of the Academie des Sciences, M. Ozone is the most the rapid oxidizer known; it is colorless, of suffocating odor, somewhat similar to the admixture of chlorine and atmospheric air.

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