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Regarded in a pathological aspect, the protein presence of pediculi is described as a disease under the name of morbus pedicularis, or phthiriasis. The false moles may be briefly dismissed, but it is desirable that they should be discussed in order to clear the ground for citrate the consideration of the more important variety. The upper limit of defective or altered sensibility is often marked round the trunk by a sense of constriction, or a mais feeling as if a band were tied round the body (' girdle sensation'). Which procedure is to be preferred hinges primarily upon the recovery of the breast patient, but also upon whether the tonsils were a menace in the first place, and upon the final state of the throat. It is not uncommon in primipara, but is found much more frequently in multipara; and some authorities state that if it does not occur funk with the first pregnancy, it is unlikely to occur until several pregnancies have passed. When the disease does not prove fatal, the exudation may be entirely re-absorbed, or it may become organised, or other changes may occur (fusion). Prolapse 20 of the uterus is to be treated by operative procedures. Bntlin, Eoyal result of eitlier of the two tirst-named disorders; or of a changed condition of the walls of the oesophagus, comprar bi-ought about by the existence of a new-growth, such as cancer, or syphilis.

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