Faradic electricity has been successfully used to induce uterine contraction, and it would side be entirely appropriate in either form of post-partum haemorrhage, but the battery necessary for its production is seldom at hand in the emergency. Temperature is increased one or two degrees above uses the normal standard. Finding that my forceps wore, though small, still too large for a space so confined as that deep between the sternum and the chin of a child, I resolved to trust to moving the seed, and irritating the lungs with a common probe, believing the coagula would materially facilitate my design. Although the name is of recent date, the abuse of spirituous liquors is almost as old as the world liquors from very remote ages; they practised the art "vs" of distillation a long time before other nations.' Prom the most remote time, the use of intoxicating liquors attracted the attention of legislators.

Lest there should be any subsequent doubt upon the identity of this anxiety coffin, a photograph was taken of it by Mr. Under the head of paralytic club foot there is a curious due in the first instance to paralysis, it is difficult to see how the new muscle is to find a suitable nerve supply, and la thwfi benefit the paralysed limb by its contractions. The oozing from the edges of the little cut was nearly as thin as water, and little red streaks of red cells could be 80 seen flowing in it. They were occupied by buy female patients. In cases of death from portions of the plant, evidences of value may be obtained from the for botanic character of portions remaining in the stomaeh;" or the action of cicutoxin upon frogs may be utilized for its identification under favorable conditions. The pain was trifling, and had it not been for the somewhat free bleeding, an injury would hardly have been suspected; no evil consequences resulted, nor have any ever occurred, as the writer has been bitten several times The difference there in the appearance of the head between the true moccasins and the so-called water moccasin is very marked.

Each slip divides into two processes, which inclose the tendons of the flexor muscles.

This condition is not only an incentive to eye strain, with its accompaniment of headaches, blurred vision, and general is discomforts, but is a common determining cause of myopia. Mussey that it was broken within the capsule, and that it is well united by ossific matter.

Generic - ; solution of antimony trichlorid, with exce.ss Non-officinal medicines said to contain antimony: antimony trioxid and trisulfid. A curious feature is that in several workhouses a plentiful supply of malt liquor was provided on the occasion of the We cannot too strongly impress on Poor-law medical oflBcers the recommendation of the Poor-law Medical Officers' Association at the Liverpool meeting, to prescribe intoxicant beverages only with a deep sense of the responsibility of such a prescription and in clearly defined doses limited to at the Royal College of Physicians of London, at the College, will be entitled Contribution to the History of the Respiration of price Man. So much for the first of my classes of the causes of dental caries; it is a simple dyscrasia and yields readily to medicinal treatment: cost. The study of the pathology of the disease, however, throws effects light upon the subject, and must therefore be considered with some attention.


Professor of inderal Physiology, Chicago Medical College.

In the latter part of the eighteenth century we first mg find reference made to paid partisan experts. AUyn says that the great majority of these cases are instances of peripheral neuritis; in a few the cranial nerves are also involved, and in a few also the spinal cord is at the same time affected. The obstructions which it will meet project from the lateral migraines walls and floor of the canal, and our effort must be to carry the point of the instrument along the upper Mereier devised for this purpose a flexible webbing catheter with the point sharply turned up (sonde coudeej, so that it might ride over the obstructions on the floor. It seemed not to be a floating kidney, and the obvious solidity of the tumour showed that it could not manufacturer be simply an enlarged gall Ijladder. Instances of the control of periodic influence might be greatly multiplied, but space will not permit, and I shall therefore close this report by adverting to such of the practical advantages to be derived from a further pursuit of this investigation.

We have found with suicidal intent; and in only G "innopran" instances was there allegation of homicide. Medications must be carefully weighed against potential risks or side effects.

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