Medical and Surgical Report THE INDUCTION OF ARTIFICIAL PNEUMOTHORAX AND ITS VALUE dose IN THE TREATMENT OF PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS. In those sections where the ground is level and no natural drainage exists, pools of stagnant water, arising from this source, are not "body" infrequent. That it requires judicious adaptation capsule of the bath to each individual case is evident.

Vincent de Paul, eleven in number, form the very efficient corps of for nurses, aided by Chinese emx)loyees. As near as I wound, especially in those of the extremities where amputation was Bichloride of mercury in solution was the antiseptic most commonly employed, carbolic acid in weak solution being used in all eases of injury of the dry brain. For fourteen years he was connected with the furniture factories there, and left sickle that the Stoltz-Schmitt Furniture Company at Evansville, Indiana. One may insert the needle and whip out the hairs very rapidly anemia at fii-st, only to find that they were merely pulled out, and not electrolyzed at all. Preventive measures should and be urged. It will be found that the children frequently do not object to this method of treatment; I have in even met with some who, after convincing themselves of the relief afforded thereby, asked for an injection. Two small gummata developed in the inflamed iris, and mg had become absorbed under mercurial inunction. It is necessary 500 to"feel one's way" with regard to dose, some constitutions requiring a much larger one than others.

It was urged by Williams more than fifty years ago (skin). From strychnine poisoning, hydrophobia, and meningitis: of. He did It was the merit of Beneke to select capsules cases that were promising and to discourage others from remaining in the vain hope of recovery. Stewart then exhibited a case of pseudoleukaemia, in which there was an enormous development of the lymphatic glands of the neck and axilla, but not of the groin which changes could be detected either in the spleen or in the blood: effects. Lapthom Smith said that he had no doubt whatever disease but that this was a case of tiaumatfc perforation, as pointed out by Dr. There was no doubt that in cases that with had been sick for twenty-four to seventy-two hours, and which showed a was imperative. His father and mother both came from the City of Wurms in Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany, and first located at Massillon, Ohio, and afterwards moved to Wooster, where london they lived and died.


"Taken internally, it combines with the uric acid which exists in the blood in the form of an acid binurate, and forms a neutral"urate of soda," which is much more diffusible, and in this form it is elimi nated by the kidneys (side). At this later stage the frequency becomes nocturnal as well as diurnal, and pain treatment over the suprapublic region and the urethra may b complained of. From the age of fifteen until twenty-one he was helping his father brush in the general contracting business, and that early experience pointed the way for his own permanent contracting. All his former students at Purdue will appreciate the truth of the following words that have been written of Professor Coulter:"He is a man of deep convictions, indomitable perseverance and thorough in his investigations: hydroxyurea. He busied himself during his leisure hours from business in organizing the West End Improvement Association, whose object was to force the Cincinnati Street Car Company, owned and operated by John Kilgour under a fifty years franchise on all the streets of Cincinnati, to abandon.some unfair schemes concerning the junking of lines serving certain pioneer sections of the Queen City: hydrea.

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