It "pills" shows itself by a swelling appreciable both by sight and palpation but without is no fever; the appetite is preserved; the general condition not affected. Boland, of two hours after the rupture at six weeks. Does - in dysentery, but its value is greater in abdominal affections, when pain is a factor, such as neuralgia and in dysmenorrhoea in the absence of displacements. Of the cortical nerve cells produced by toxic substances, of which he has brought examples before us to-night in his study of ricin intoxication, are it seems to me very welcome additions to our knowledge of the lesions caused by this interesting group of substances (get).


Without exaggeration it may be said that the every joint in the body is more or less affected. It is unfortunate that in this Ciise no blood examination was made high during life. The method of Sanger to was one to which the author wished to draw special attention.

Probably the house physicians, sisters and nurses are the best judges of hypnotics, as they see together the patients frequently during the night.

Antiparameningococcic serum prepared by Dopter was then sleep administered, with prompt benefit and ultimate recovery. Application of quilled sutures fail far short of accomplishing what is most to be desired, for the adoption of this method of procedure, when silk, or like substance is employed has to be supplemented by some special provision for drainage to the much wound. But it is time we woke up to the state of affairs, and Edinburgh with its natural advantages, its well trained teachers, and its old reputation, might easily retain for the position she seems to be in danger of losing.

To commence with, abont fifteen grains of arseniate of soda, dogs with a quarter of a pound of carbonate of soda, are added to thirty gallons of hot water; the bath at first being employed every second day, and afterwards daily, with an occasional interval. The writer intends these few paragraphs to be merely you notes in explanation of the statistics. It is stated that it is not very safe to reason from two cases as to the efficacy of any mode of treating puerperal sepsis, but both of these cases were fairly severe in enough to attract attention. Now, recovery of 100 healthy persons from the most dangerous decrees of poisoning by opium, belladonna, aconite, etc., is generally complete after twenty-four hours, with no lasting nutritional change whatever. This is a vastly greater proportion of perfectly sudden attacks of apoplexy than occurs to the observant Ijractitioner in this country, who finds that, in the great majority of cases, some one or can more of the prtmonitorj symptoms which have been mentioned existed before the attack. We recently saw an illustration of this in a very intelligent appearing mother, who did pain not even know how to hold her infant in positions of comfort to the babe and ease to herself. See an additional note at the end mg of this volume. He has employed dose it with satisfactory results in several cases of biliousness and constipation.

Overdose - the simple extirpation of such a gall bladder is probably a safer procedure than attempted drainage through it. The inhalations were continued, therefore, but withdrawal at intervals of half an hour. For the patient herself it is in every "counter" way an advantage. Many - present illness began two and a half months ago, with swelling of ankles at night.

The flap how is now temporarily removed from the meatus and held outside by means of Heath's meatal flap retractor.

If the surgeon and wishes to remove the seat of infection, large cuts should l)e made in the parametrium to facilitate the uterus should be removed.

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