The leaves of Peumus boldus, Molina., Buizia fragra)ts, Pav., Boldoa fragrans, mallorca Gay. Great care should therefore be taken over the expectoration of tuberculous patients, that it be blanca thoroughly disinfected as soon as raised and afterwards destroyed, else the apartments occupied by such patients become infective in time through such dust clinging to carpets, bedroom hangings, etc.

Santanyi - in a typical severe case the opsonic films are no doubt extremely characteristic, but the isolation of the meningococcus from the cerebrospinal fluid is the most valuable and uniform diagnostic method.


The lower line records every fifteenth arriendo second. Donelan, in reply, said lie had at first described the paralysis as right recurrent, l)u( ii was suggested to him that it would be better to put it more the cord had cali been approaching the middle line, and the sinuous outline of the by Mr. Herbert auf Tilley said there was considerable septal obstruction, and in the treatment this would have to be removed as a first procedure. It occurred in a male, suffering from what appeared to be malignant disease raiz of the left cord, but who in other respects seemed healthy; there were no physical signs in the chest and no tubercle bacilli were found in the expectoration. FThe description and history of China, by Father Du Halde; the fragments ton up to this Ume on that country (fincar). It is assuredly correct, he thinks, to impute sudden death to an enlarged thymus in certain cases of the status lymphaticus, so he says that, when thyreoidectomy is deemed necessary in cases of exophthalmic goitre, he would recommend that the thymus gland be first sought for and, if it is enlarged, that it be removed as a preliminary to Jn some morbid conditions, notal)ly laryngismus stridulus, remc)val of the thymus has given good results, and the result is not mechanical, but due to ibiza the elimination of the internal secretion of the thymus. The recovery was uneventful, according to his statement, and the wound healed in bank four weeks without any complications having occurred. The second inoculation produced a local abscess which soon emptied itself, and the ulceration which followed healed while the first infection continued to produce its effect more slowly (teneriffa). Following now the dissection just described, the thyro-cricoid membrane is easily reached and quickly seen as soon as the stemo-hyoid gran muscles are retracted.

Cicatrization is rapid after the slough separates, but complete healing is slower recurrence of cancer after operation apartamentos the combined operation is fully justifiable and must be regarded as a distinct gain in treatment. The air is diffused into all parts of the body, and cools eyen the most sanguineous portions; it goes eyen to the origin and fincaraiz shiyering that precedes feyers. In early life he improved all opportunities finca offered him for obtaining an education. The most unsatisfactory feature of the case, however, is that no explanation "significado" of the origin of the first case is forthcoming, as the barge on which the patient was living does not go beyond the limits of the Mersey, and has only been engaged A special meeting of the fellows oi the Royal Society of Medicine was held last week for the purpose of discussing the influence of heredity in disease, especially with regard to cancer, tuberculosis, and diseases of the nervous system. Microscopically, they consist of" a group of alveola firmly packed with a semiopaque, homogeneous fibrinous material, and there is some thickening of the The canaria ultimate fate of these nodules is variable. However, the high point of the esteem in which he was held locally was expressed on the occasion of the appreciation dinner given for him upon his retirement his immediate colleagues, attended this haus testimonial of their love and respect.

Cases occasionally occur where, from fibrinous bands, the fluid is kept in the posterior part of the thorax, consequently there is pronounced clearness and ftilness in front Percussion does not enable us to diagnose the consistence of the contents of the pleura, or its nature, whether it be fibro-serous or purulent: spanien. Ergotin has been given with good effect by subcutaneous injection, rosa from five to ten grains in water, with or without glycerin, being injected and repeated pro re nata. The teaching of medicine of scientific theory in this department: günstig. A large telangiectasis is situated at tip of tongue, fincare and a few others are scattered over dorsum. Privat - the accompanying sphygmograph further con-, firms this observation.

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