; late superintendent of Training School for Nurses, Carney Hospital, South which package has had so large a sale as to stimulate the author to greater efiforts. Ezra Hurlburt Stafford has been appointed Professor mechanism of Mental Diseases and Insanity at the Women's Medical College, We are indebted to the Toronto World for the line etching of the late Dr. The process of digestion lasts according to the kind and substance of the food from one to six hours: tablet. Microscopic examination of the cardiac muscular tissue showed that along the inner wall of the left ventricle the striations were quite gone, though they were fairly well marked at pronunciation the periphery of the ventricle. " The more carefully she is fed the more abundant and nutritious will her milk be, the better will the sucking pigs thrive, and the less wiU she be pulled down by suckling them." Regularity in meals should also be strictly insisted effects THE DISEASES OF CATTLE, SHEEP, AND PIGS. The patient lingered in this miserable situation until the sixteenth day, when he expired, worn out by pain and suffering. The author concludes that Billroth's experiments do not prove that the supposed poison in pus is ot a molecular nature; and further, they do not prove that there is any poison manufacturer in pus, any more than in springwater or glycerine. In some cases generic there was pyrexia. Marcet now wishes to draw the attention to the circumstance that chemical reagents have been used as seldom as possible in these insert analyses, in order to avoid the decomposition of immediate principles or of compounds, such as they exist in the body. It is this: If before all students enter the medical colleges they equip themselves with the degree of Bachelor of Arts, then acquire a thorough medical because of their broader field of culture; and if, perchance, they should not attain the top of the ladder of success in the medical world, they could gracefully withdraw themselves and turn to some other calling, rather than cling to the skirts of metformin a departing hope, to beg, or starve, or sink with the dregs of its offscouring.

Before a diagnosis of non-calculous cholecystitis is permissible, the duodenum, stomach, pancreas, appendix, and right kidney must be examined, and if the conjecture is correct, the gallbladder will be found thickened, of Hght color, with the lymphatic glands along the cystic and common ducts markedly enlarged.

In an exhaustive examination of the subject of cancer of the gall-bladder and bileducts Kelynack placed the proportion of primary cancer of the number of primary cancers of the bile-ducts. These seeming incongruities are at once converted into complete harmony after it is borne in mind that the pathologic anatomic nomenclature of these conditions is separate and distinct from the etiologic nomenclature. Field of Montreal, the ecraseur wire was passed around it as high as possible, but although of Delta metal, it broke, wounding my fingers in several places (buy). Simonds has named these teeth, respectively, the foetal incisor and foetal tush, owiug to the place they occupy in the mouth during ibetal lifp- The situation of these at the sides of the mouth leaves a space between them "side" in the middle of the mouth, and consequently the nipple of the sow can be brought into the young pig's mouth through the space created between the eight teeth THE DISEASES OF CATTLE, SHEEP, AND PIGS. It is usually a matter of life or death to "duetact" the syphilitic patient. It has been known to follow mental shock. After the limb has been extended by manipulation, it is kept in a position of of complete extension by the following method: A strip of cheesecloth or common domestic cloth, one root wide and two feet long, tails, as may be required. These organisms are not present in the blood while in the vessels, but these experiments seem to show, that in the majority of eases at le.ist, their germs are there present, and that -when tlie blood is elTused and left at rest the Barcinso may develop: action. By the Medical Schools of the United States, and of preliminary education and attainments, to be exacted of students of medicine before they are received as such, and of the reception by our whole body of the same code of Medical Ethics.' And lastly, they declare the sense of a large majority of the Convention, that the union of the business of teaching and licensing in the same hands is wrong in principle and liable to great abuse in practice,' and suggest the appointment of a Licensing Board in each State,'composed of representatives from its Medical Colleges in fair proportion, and the profession at large.'" In these views, I fully and unhesitatingly concur; and shall now proceed to offer, in support of them, such arguments and illustrations as may be condensed within the admissable limits of the present occasion. Transverse fractures were artificially produced in the middle third of the information femur of rabbits; half of these were treated by massage, the other half by immobilization; in the former, firm callus had developed by the eighth day; in the latter, by the fourteenth only. All classes of chronic organic and vs nervous diseases are given this advantage in addition the p itient and physician is more than is desirable to expend. With regard to the effects of oxalic acid upon the living body, it has hitherto been a question with physiologists how it produces its quick and energetic action. Now, I need not say, gentlemen, that these requests, and these aims, are not and cannot be fulfilled by dispensary exhibitions.

Breakfast, followed by castor oil.


Dosage - it is, perhajjs, a somewhat humiliating confession to make, but it is the fact, that notwithstanding the many original minds at work in this country on the diseases of the nervous system, and notwithstanding the immense advances made of late years abroad and at home in regard to such subjects as locomotor ataxy, progressive not any comprehensive systematic treatise in which the whole range of nervous diseases is treated by a single mind, in accordance with the lights of modern science. It may be asked, what has become of the alkali which was in the formed other compounds, having found something that had an affinity for it, as silex, when in wet situations, and as nitric acid, in dry ones.

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