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In well marked cases, nutrition is seriously impaired as a result of frequent vomiting: dexamethasone. Hysterical contractures may be present alone or associated with hysterical paralysis, which is generally more widespread than polymyxin the contracture. He worked in a warm room with two small windows and a small suction injection fan.

Hypodermic injections of morphin or ointment hyoscin may be needed in severe cases, but in the milder ones simple sedatives, such as bromids, valerianates, camphor, Hyperpyrexia may occur in conjunction with intense restlessness, delirium, or coma. These signs, I hope, will bausch gradually disappear. She had been in the hospital about three years previously lor epilensy (?) but she had no attacks during the time she remained a patient, land that the movements dated from this time (no time is civen) (multiple). Budd after having long sufiered from goat (im). The principal pathologic changes were pronounced plus anemia, diseased stomach-walls, in acute cases congestion, in chronic cases ulcer. If the wakefulness is extreme, and it is apparently not a result of the toxemia, trional may be given, but it headache is best to be given in the form of a suppository (gr. Bacterium termo, and other insufficiently recognized bacteria (neomycin).

As all treatment had failed, we told the first of our patients, who had been completely deaf since he was blown up ten months earlier, that if he did not get well in sulfates the next week, we would be compelled to advise him to undergo an operation, which we had wished to avoid if possible, but which was quite certain to cure him. By multiplying these experiments, and adding more or less of the reagent, according as development occurred, or otherwise, I determined the minimum quantity of each reagent & which would restrict development. These the judicioua practitioner will readily understand how to apply according to circumstancea," and the agent wbich I 0.5 wish to place more promlnenlly before the profession for this purpose is sulphur. All the salts of this base myeloma dissolved easily in water, had an acid reaction and were distinguished by forming green salts when treated with ferric chloride or with any oxidizing agent. There is no need for stopping the baths if pneumonia occurs, but if lifting the patient pediatric in and out of the tub should cause extreme respiratory distress it is better to give cold sponges instead. A religious disagreement with the faculty of the college, which was theological at the same time, made me sever my connections from it, and I went to Yankton of what then was Dakota Territory, and thence to Vermillion to organize what is now South Dakota iontophoresis University, whose first president I was till sectarian and political chicanery ousted me, as it did a half dozen other men from the same oflSce. I have treated twelve cases of appendicitis where the diagnosis was positive and the THE MEDICAL TREATMENT OF APPENDICITIS symptoms exactly those laid down in the textbooks (lomb). There is a particular point io the after treatment that mu?t be attended to, the neglect of which hun cost several eyes; and "croup" this has induced me lo say in my work on the eye:' Except the operation for the extraction of cataract, or the division of the cornea to a like or nearly equal extent, for any other purpose, there is nb operation on the eye in which well-founded objections exist to the previous use or chloroform or ether as anaesthetic agents. The failvre in staining the bacilli seems in most "diabetes" cases to have depended on the fact that it was supposed the preparations must be altogether colorless after the nitric acid treatment, and that in order to attain this they have been in part too little stained and in part allonved to remain The fact that Dr, Morison demonstrated the bacilli by this method, in other tubercular tissues proves nothing, for, as I have repeatedly found, where many are presented, a certain number will show when stained even by very inferior means. When the blood fills the bronchi and upper passages and threatens to drown the patient in his own blood, coughing "brain" and deep breathing should be encouraged and the finger may have to be used to dislodge the clots.

Thereafter, if the symptoms are bettered, being gradually weakened, suspension then discontinued. The patient was profoundly anaesthetized, and the anaesthesia continued for some time, but he came out from under the influence of ether with less subsequent taper annoyance than usually follows the administration of this anaesthetic. If an ice-bag is cancer well-borne, it should be applied in adults and older children. Mg - under the influence of narcotics, also, the action of the heart usually survived that of the muscles of respiration, when these agents were not very rapidly introduced into the circulation. Those who can afford it change from place to place according to climatic advantages: dose. For - interesting comment on A IDoctor's Diary in Daniaraland, we give in full. The ophthalmic dyspnea is greater in pericarditis with effusion, and the paradoxical pulse may be present.


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