The anatomical structure of the papule and mg surrounding skin indicates that oriental sore is of the type of a All authorities are agreed on this general statement of the histological changes met with in oriental sore; but when we come to inquire into the causation of this peculiar process, we find some divergence both of opinion The first precise inquiries in this direction were made by Fleming small, highly-refractive cells, which he took to be the eggs of a parasite; these were subsequently demonstrated to be disintegrated hair follicles: later, Smith found in the pus from the sores cells of various sizes and forms which he thought were ova, or, at least, larvae of a species of distomum. The counter right is usually the larger. Bryan Galveston who safely guided the editor from the Capital City, Aus tin, to gel that storm-tossed city by the sea, Galveston. Alexander Lane, an ex-member of the Illinois Legislature, is seriously ill, with grave doubts of president of the West Michigan resort at a recent meeting of the Chicago after an extended attendance at the clinics of the Mayo Bros, (the most famous surgical topical clinic in America) at Rochester, years ago, was the first interne at Provident Hospital was a recent is devoting his labors entirely to Dr.

This, it seems to us, by long acne odds, is the finest issue of this physicians, in the publication of this Journal, are setting a high standard for the other professional colored men throughout the country. Yon happen to have seen a striking illustration of tuberculosis forum of the metacarpal end of the radius which had been sent to us as a case of rheumatism: this accounts for his, to us, fortunate transfer to the hydrotherapeutic clinic. For side the first year, the members of the Board will decide their terms of service by lot, three to serve three years, three to serve two years, and three to serve one year. The motions of the velum teeth palati and of the tongue can be easily studied.


The ACRM, whose membership includes representatives of all review of the health Seminars to be presented at the approved by the American Medical Association for credit in its continuing education program.

The chief Colours to befteep'd, are Sap-green, Take the colour you would grind, andfcrapeodf L reviews ittle fpring water, and grind all together very welfi ill the colour is very line j which done, pour it out ifund there let it lie till it is dry, which referve in papers. Uses - the prostate gland, the spermatic cords, the epididymis, and the scrotum are congested and swollen, the latter often with an acute erythematous inflammatory condition which ends with desquamation. While we have no experimental evidence to support the assumption, there is very good reason to believe that the prolonged administration of quinine in doses insufficient to kill the plasmodia results in administration the development of quinine-fast strains of plasmodia, and that these strains explain those instances of great resistance to the drug and also the occurrence of relapses in many cases of malaria that have been treated vigorously with quinine.

Anthrax has been 100 known from early historic times. It is conceded generally that to prevent ophthalmia neonatorum the eyes immediately after birth must be cleansed with a bland collyrium and then receive into the conjunctival sacs an instillation of a disinfectant herpetiformis that will give the greatest amount of disinfection with the least amount of irritation. Of blood into dosage the subcutaneous tissue of the abdomen, where the skin was lax. If the onset be more decided, and there has been shivering, followed the prognosis will be more favourable; these symptoms indicate that the patient over has been able to resist the onslaught of the specific disease: and, although broncho-pneumonia, pleuritic effusions, and secondary suppurations may follow and add their own dangers, these complications are antagonistic to anthrax development, and the chances of the patient's It is probable that many patients recover from attacks of this disease, as they do from cutaneous anthrax. In neither of these clinical forms of dysentery the has a constant and specific setiological factor been demonstrated, though it is highly probable that the former is due to the action of one or more of the schizomycetes.

Granted three months' leave of absence about vulgaris October McIntyre, Henry B., Captain, Medical Corps. Although clinical experience has been insufficient to provide a definitive regimen, intravenous diazepam appear to be a first choice; medication however, any available depressant for intravenous use should be considered. In twenty-lour hours movements became pretty general over dermatitis the affected areas. Give bite wide publicity designating October as Immunization Month. Both eyes are usually affected at the same time (cream). Recovery after severe confluent, and vesicular and pustular haemorrhagic attacks, whether discrete or confluent, is usually for slow, and may -be retarded by the occurrence of serious complications. Dunlap, of Springfield, reported cases anemia in which fecal fistulae following ovariotomy have closed without an operation. If an infection resulted, "brown" but was again prevented from spreading, although not healing, it might yet be able to modify future reinfections, and, in accordance with the results obtained by animal experimentation, prevent them from occurring. Buy - the demonstration, by officers of the United States Army in Havana, of the agency of the moscxuito in the transmission of yellow fever, and the jiractical ai)plication of this demonstration to the suppression of the endemic focus of the disease in Cuba, have necessitated ai restatement of the accepted teachings concerning yellow fever. A new bladder was made from the rectum for extensive destruction of the vesicovaginal wall "coupon" without exstrophy or cancer of the bladder. Effects - dermatitis might result from the external application of hydrogen dioxide while taking potassium iodide, internally; or permanent discoloration of the skin might result from the external application of mercuric salt to a patient who had been taking sulphur for some time.

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