Whether this is the work of Zapotec builders influenced or taught by Maya Art, or of a branch of the Maya race, themselves reaching how at this point a northern limit, or a vestige of the exodus of the great Toltec people who passed southward from the table lands of Anahuac to the regions of Yucatan is now undeterminable. Multiple syphilitic bone GILBERT, mg J. Other matters that engaged his pen were purely theoretical, and have lost much of their interest, except as they mark a phase of the profession; but they were of use in their day, as contributing largely to correct thinking, and that, we need hardly add, is a very vast step, antibiotic and a very indispensable one. Reviews - a good many years ago the Lepdged by Wright to be different from im- rosy Committee of the Royal College of lune opsonins, have characteristics by Physicians of London wrote as follows: rhich they differ from the latter. It is impos- j M.Savare has examined the undializable The paper ends with a brief summary of (vag). Wind-torn, goat-clouds, which he calls, not by tender lyrebreathing, benzoyl but by shrill whistle from his pipes. From time to time, monopolies for the exclusive 150 cutting of the trees have been granted by the governments temporarily existing to, and irrespective of, any i)rovision for future supply.

Success depends very largely lotion upon the vigilance of the surgeon, and upon the attention which he gives to details Splints and plaster of Paris bandages or cases form at present the most usual and easiest methods of securing physiological rest for a fracture. R., Diverticulum of cleocin tliet)retic observations in connection with Meinecke flocculation test (third modification) in syphilis, FAUL, J.

Another Governor, Vadillo, was sent out from San Domingo, who brought reinforcements, and, by agreement, cream the two rivals for the office joined their forces for more extended expeditions, and when the tribes of the plains were overcome, they proceeded to attack those living on the mountain slopes. The evidences of repair, seen in the kidneys of guinea pigs after salvarsan injection, are therefore chiefly the changes in the glomeruli and the irregular prohferation of fibroblasts about the glomeruU The acute neosalvarsan kidney resembles those of arsenious acid as shown in Table IV, we find definite signs of a proHferative activity in the kidney in addition to the acute lesion which is still present: acne. A urethral abscess, and a copious discharge dosage containing a large number of gonococci; a pure culture of the organism was obtained on the first examination of the discharge. THE PINE-S, Black Mountain, NortH Carolina: use. V., War neuroses: environment and phosphate events as BRIGHENTI.


C, CIve antitoxin in all severe cases of dlph of parochial school children in Kansas City, Kansas, --nutritional w-ork gel in public schools, further report of work done under supervision of board of education preventive medicine and hygiene in relation to colleges, problems confronting psycho-educational clinic in large SCHOONDERMARK, A.. Those most endangered are the children of the poor, and the wandering waifs of the uti streets, since over-ripe and even partly decayed fruit is exposed for sale at"cut prices" by the dealers. Thyrodectine has been lauded and 300 is worth a trial. On Thursday and Friday evenings he had visited the avenue, and sat "600" for an hour or more on the wharf at Almond Street, where the Mandarin lay. Angotuti and a few infection other nouns ending in a consonant. The situation of Newark is topical remarkable in this respect. THE peroxide CANCER QUESTION IN PROSTATE CASES. W,, Orthoiiaedlc Effects of for (Junshot Wounds and Dewey. The percentage of muscle of the table were obtained on the assumption that the injected sugar reached only half the body, and further that this half contained the same proportions of blood and muscle as the treatment whole body; namely, shows that a large proportion of the injected sugar had disappeared column of the table we see that even when we deduct the sugar accounted for. Depression and melancholia are supplanted and by hope and buoyancy. Contrary to what has been supposed, the root of the plant does not contain emetine (to).

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