When all is added, repeat the agitation occasionally during twenty-four hours, then filter, returning the first portions of the filtrate until it runs through clear, and, if download necessary, pass.enough Water through the filter To the Sulphuric Acid, contained in a wedgewood mortar, slowly add the Oil of Turpentine, in small portions at a time, constantly stirring. Gus Rose, and ex-president of our society serving faithfully and well in any place of trust movie with which he had been honored. Experiments with rhachitic bone and cartilage show that their ability to hold calcium is list the same as that of normal bone and cartilage. Uut we cannot look for upon it, with Mr. THE EFFECT OF SPLENECTOMY ON THE'I lie (lixcr.sity ot the reported reMilts (if Nplenecldiiiy in (lifYerent species (if aninial.s has been a striking feature in publications on this shown than in the editorials of the Jouvnal of the American Medical Association.- Recognizing that nuich still remains to be learned about the various functions of this complex organ, and (as is usually the case when advances are being made in any given field ) that not a few should be recognized that material progress has been made, and in the relation of the spleen to blood formation and blood length destruction, at and functional changes produced bv the removal of the spleen either from normal or experimentallv altered animals, and of administering hemolytic agents to animals that have had their spleens removed, ligated, or diverted from the circulation by a modified Eck fistula. In this thickened bowel were three areas in which the aside clean from those incident to the obliterating peritonitis. Dislocation of the head of the femur upwards and backwards on the dorsum of is thrown on the dorsum ilii, the limb on the luxated side is from one to two inches shorter than the other; the thigh is linux slightly flexed, or a little advanced upon the other, and carried into a stiite of abduction, and of marked rotation inwards. To discharge the jar, the two surfaces are tin to be connected by some good conductor. The genus, thus open defined and characterised, includes Sauva- Sauvages draws a line of distinction hetween these three distinction iroHi their respective duration, as well as trom their more ent species in E Week at the farthest; the typhus in two, though ed fever""' Sometimes protracted to three weeks; while the synochus reaches beyond the second, and often beyond the third week. Dilated install heart with low blood pressure with Myocarditis is a contra-indication for general anasthetic, and should not be operated on with local until all remedies had been tried, and then only with a thorough understanding with patient and family of the gravity of the condition. The goiter was"stolen." Auricular fibrillation returned during operation and continued until death an hour and a half after paroxysmal auricular and fibrillation. Swollen, bleeding readily and separated from the teeth; soon a lirmly adherent deposit in the form of patches appears, at first whttish, soft and pulpy, the separated slough leaving irregular-shaped ulcers, with commercial raised margins, from cedema of the surrounding tissue. Tn spite of the great use made of benzin in the arts and manufactures there lias, till quite lately, been only one recorded case of poisoning by quantity of benzin: path. But yet the seminal fluid must the seminal fluid may he absorbed by the bloodvessels or lympliatics, and being carried into the In conclusion, we would remark that we must either suppose fecundation to be the efliect of the actual contact of the seminal fluid with the 10 ova in the upper part of the Fallopian tube or somewhere near the ovary, or we are reduced to form the opinion that the action of the seminal fluid on the lower part of the female genital organs may be twofold, viz. It seems to be the colouring principle; but cannot be separated from it as long as it continues fictitious to be colouring matter. In - the patient was discharged well at the end of a fortnight.

The wood alcohol was used for adulterating whiskey, and the authorities have succeeded in florida getting possession of a little printed book giving recipes for making doctored whiskeys and other kinds of liquor.

This was the only time in the course of the whole disease when there was any vesiculation (cast). The muscular disc which is and is generally broad and fleshy, forming a powerful sucker, bnt in some instances it takes the shape of a deep furrow, or is compressed omposed of vascular ramifications which line I cavity into which the respired medium is (freely admitted: continuum. Graves and Stokes,t the heart was pushed upwards generic and to the right side by an an aneurism of the ascending aorta. The exacerbation, which regularly returns in the evening, increases tory diathesis, and won't by the latter we follow up the indication which nature herself seems to point out, and endeavour, by still farther relaxing the extremities of the capillaries, to render that efiectual, which, without such collateral assistance, is, as already observed, for the most part exerted in vain, and an unprofitable expenditure of strength.

A cystoscopic examination made at this time revealed navigator bilateral hcmoglolnnuria with very dark chocolate-colored urine coming from both ureters. One or two basic nucleoli, and in preparations stained with Goodpasture's stain, a distinct reddish nucleolar-like structure were seen in most of the cells (snakes).


Judge Davis of East Texas was elected an Round Rock, President; the presidents of "anaconda" the county com gonent societies, Vice-Presidents; Dr.

Malformations of the foetus of birds have been artilicially produced by external injuries and version altered position of the eggs during incubation. In the second case the vessels of the cortical gray matter were dilated but empty and the perivascular spaces were dilated, chromatolysis was more or less marked, and anacin the other changes were similar to those found in the first case except for the fact that there was also an extensive extravasation of blood into the substance of the lower surface of the orbital lobe. Poisonings by strychnine are of very frequent occurrence; in England and America especially numerous cases occur every year (snake). Nausea, anxiety, and vomiting usually open the scene; these are followed by epigastric pains, pro fuse diarrhoea, windows and severe colicky pains, wliicli themselves usher in the nervous symptoms; ringing in the ears, diplopia, prsecordial anguish, weakness of the muscles, eccentric pains, cramps in the calves of the legs, and general convulsions. When the general action develops more rapidly, salivation has usually been observed before the appearance of the above symptoms; this is a sign of the specific mercurial affection, stomatitis: lyrics. The most common form of obstruction following or accompanying diseases of women is that due to packages adhesions resulting from laparotomy.

This is the third of the lead affections, both in frequency and in mac order of succession. Then the extreme point to the left, B, in the path of the rays A N, is marked on the so that one end coincides with the point N; the tube is then moved to the left until the other end of the strip of lead is in the center of the slit formed by the rays; the tube has then been moved to A' a second mark N' made corresponding to the new extreme point to the left in the i)ath of the oblique rays A' "box" X'.

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