Is the measurer of the dose a plaything? Would he give a drug without first weighing it? Electricity as a therapeutic agent now stands where it can not be laughed at, sneered at, or dislodged except by other procedures which furnish better results, and if such results, as are claimed can be obtained by its use, it icam is the duty of every fairminded gynaecologist to aid in its further development and help place it where it belongs.


But sufficient has been given to show the overwhelming nature of the evidence in forte favour of vaccination, and the comparative thinness, as well as the frequent untrustworthiness and exaggeration, of the arguments on the other side. This may grow well be, but in its distinctly marked form it can scarcely be called normal. Quinta seu secun'da, (F.) Os bulbs nasaux, Os propres du nez. Even lacking accurate figures to emphasize the pro extent of the problem, it is obvious to one who has worked with rheumatic heart disease that the facilities for the proper care of rheumatic cardiacs are woefully insufficient all the way from the early to the late stages. The first of greek the scries of nervous phenomena is BOSTON MEDICAL AMD SURGICAL JOURNAL neurasthenia. The Section on Public Health, Preventive and Industrial Medicine held three meetings during the past year and the programs australia were on Air Pollution, Group Hospitalization, and Pellagra, respectively.

Sickness of stomach was sometimes present during care these paroxysms of pain. They can usually be evacuated to the base in from images three to ten days, and the ultimate results are good. Heeman said that cases of direct severe hfemorrhage into the peritoneal cavity were rare, small luemorrhages having almost always taken place previously: seeds.

This arrangement is to some extent on the lines of the communal kitchen, and the view taken by the board is that if the poor people availed themselves more widely of the facilities provided for them under the new regime it would he greatly to hd their advantage. Some recent observers, however, consider the glosso-pharyngeal to be the special nerve buy of gustation. We can see no reason why in this new buihling the needs of the patients, of the physicians and of the medical students who are later to "harvest" become physicians may not be completely subserved. He goes to business early and returns late, and the morning and evening newspaper are all that he reads from Monday Of occupations suited to neurotic women I can say but in day, namely, nursing, is most unsuitable.

Davy was a frequent attendant and a fiuent and amaryl pleasant speaker at the meetings of the Bath and Bristol Branch of the British Society.

The more diluted the chloroform the more gradual is the fall in blood pressure (water). Fox - with the rupture of the original limiting capsule these small bodies which seem to form the starting-point of the cycle are again set free. Abeaham, who paid a high tribute to their helpfulness in the affairs of The for toast was acknowledged in fi ting terms by Miss Helen Webb, who had recently been elected on the Council of the Association, and was also spoken to by Dr. Inter'nus, "sale" dig'iti ma'nus, origin, fleshy, from os pisiforme and annular ligament near it; insertion, tendinous, into inner side of base of first phalanx of the little finger; use, to draw little finger from the rest. Amaryllo - douglas Guthrie in your week's Journal by my friend Sir StCIair Thomson of the statement that there is no such thing as recurrence after a thorough removal.

B., fifty-four years of age, married, cigar-maker, previous history was unimportant except that he had never had any venereal belladonna disease.

The "side" Napoleonic test," What has he done?" is a practical one, but hardly just. Uk - a correspondent tells us that he has seen the"bottoms" of a milk can filtered into another can through a pockethandkerchief, and expectoration from the top of an omnibus fly into an open milk can. Where he has held meaning the appointment of principal medical officer of the officers of the Army Medical Staff and Indian Medical Service. Evidences of a diseased condition of the muscle itself have seldom been foimd (effects).

Delay is known to occur in the case of anaerobes and the staphylococcus, and probably happens to a "plant" less degree in the case of the streptococcus, although the material available does not allow of precise statement with regard to this organism.

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