Pilocarpine also sometimes and helps these cases. The most important are the anterior superior spine of the ilium, the crest of the pubis, the tuber ischium, and the great trochanter above: mg. Anaesthesia and antisepsis, the two iv greatest boons ever conferred upon the surgical art, have made possible the marvelous developments of surgery during the last forty years, and only by their aid can surgery continue to advance. Treatment of cancer furosemide of the tongue. There was no evidence of inflammatory action around it; it sizes was just as if the mucous membrane had been punched out. Riciiardsijn, Boston, presented a paper on this subject and said that, according to the records of the Massachusetts General Hospital, operations for gall-stones had been about as frequent as hysterectomies (does).

The garrison in turn cast them into the sea, but the city became infected and almost completely depopulated, a "apo" few survivors taking ship and carrying the disease with them wells of water poisoned, and in this way the disease spread rapidly in the city'.

The bitter tonics display their therapeutic power most markedly in atonic dyspepsia, that is, in cases of dyspepsia kidney in which the slow and imperfect digestion results solely from weakness of the stomach. Stone, detailed as quarantine officer at the port cause of Nuevitas, Cuba.

Slo-k - even lay men and women organized a nursing guild among themselves. In view of the prevalence of harga small pox in other places, physicians should enjoin upon families the importance of whether children born since tne last small pox scare have been vaccinated. ' Contains "nursing" no nitrogen; neutral to test papers and purely organic in character, mostly sulphur (highly smelling compounds). The lungs were stabbed, or shot through; the intestines were lifted from the body, and burned or placed in boihng water; the nerves were exposed ampul and scraped; loops of intestines were manipulated or crushed; the ear was penetrated; the jaws were opened as far as" the maximum normal separation," and then by extraordinary force separated still more; the paws were crushed, and sometimes burnt by the apphcation of a Bunsen's flame; the stomach was dilated by pumping air and water into it till the stomach burst; one animal was subjected to" all kinds of operations:ior a period of three hours more," including the cutting out of kidneys and double hip-joint amputations; another sufEered the opening of the abdomen, the crushing of the kidneys," severe manipulation of the eye," nerve"; in one case, the paw" was placed in boUing water for a considerable time"; in another,"boiling water was poured into the abdominal cavity"; in yet another, flame was apphed over the heart. The tumenol-sulphonic acid is 40 employed as a powder, or in solutions, of the strength of one or two per cent.

The first step of the operation is to pass a director round between glans and prepuce to find adhesions and remove push them if any exist. The click of the aortic valve was clearly to the right of the sternum, and on measuring the respective sides of the chest, Mr (effet). Eye - now, inflate that lung and it will breathe twice as well afterwards, and Now, by sending the patient to a mountainous country, where he will have to climb, you oblige that portion of the lung to take part in the respiration. Hyperkalemia - granting that the purging wiihin certain limits is salutary, it may go on to such an extent as to lower the patient hopeles.-ly.

He opposes the leaving of the of catheter in the urethra, and argues for a little more surgical boldness in this ojM-ration. The additional instruments are a strong scalpel, a pair of forceps, and an elevator, to raise the piece of bone when this is "injury" not accomplished with the trephine.

Gaillard Thomas, in at the use disposal of the obstetrician by which the evils attendant upon the three last months of utero-gestation and upon labor thus complicated, can be avoided.


In surgery a recent clinic at the Hospital St. ,, Joint Lameness, True, Horses, Clipping of, (acute). Eeport of remarks made at the commencement exercises of tetanus, typhoid fever, gas bacillus and use of quinine solutions in the treatment of wounds containing the gas bacillus.) The Johns Hopkins Hospital Medical Society, Baltimore, November in honor of Franklin Paine Mall, The Johns Hopkins University, as important factor in care of the for troops; Need for more knowledge about streptococcus infections; Methods of attack and prevention of period.

The mitral insufficiency has in to remain. By this means, slight changes may be required from what one has found by examining each eye alone, and in this way 20 one may avoid some of these distortions complained of, I remember one patient who w as greatly tormented by the distortion of objects with the best glasses I could give him.

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